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Gateway Counselling and Therapy Leicester

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Transactional Analysis Idea of The Month

The OK Corral

Thomas Harris MD used an excellent diagram and idea to illustrate Berne's philosophy that All People Are OK (even if their behaviour may not be).

Before you read on, let me invite you to think about the following two sets of questions:

  • What do you believe about yourself: Are you OK as a person, or Not OK as a person? Do you feel valued, loved, accepted? Do you feel that you have power in and over your own life? How do these beliefs affect your life and your relationships with others?
  • What do you believe about others: Are other people OK or Not OK? Do you genuinely value and listen to others, or do you find yourself blaming others and being critical of others? How do these beliefs affect your life and your relationships with others.

In relationships we each have a perception of ourselves and also a perception of the other person that determines largely how we relate to others:

OK Corral : Ok Not Ok therapy counselling Leicester

We often get our ideas about ourselves and other people very early on in childhood, but these ways of thinking can stay with us throughout our lives.

Many many people struggle with :

Low self Esteem, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Stress : Belief that I Am Not Ok

Anger, Resentment, Bitterness, Relationship Problems : Belief That Others Are Not Ok

Trauma, Abuse Issues, Complex History of Relationships :

A Belief from Childhood That I am Not Ok and Others Are Not Ok

Some times we all need help to discover where our beliefs come from and how we can change, especially if our struggle is a lifelong battle within ourselves.

Gateway Counselling Leicester provides solid successful tools and a safe place to talk, whatever your personal issues.

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